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Top 5 Jobs Opportunity in Cyber Security Training in India

Top 5 Jobs Opportunity in Cyber Security Training in India

 Indian consumers have lost approximately $18.5 bn in a year due to cybercrimes according to Business Today and worldwide, companies like Facebook, Linked In, etc. are becoming the victims of data insecurity. This takes us to a very striking fact that there is a huge scope in the field of Cyber security training in India.
The demand for network administrators and software developers is high but the importance of cyber security jobs is shooting. As our country is getting digital, be it in terms of having unique identification or payment methods or various other domains of the economy, we cannot lag behind in terms of information security if we want to pursue the path with Digital.
According to toa NASSCOM report, the need for cyber security professionals will reach the skyrocketing number of 1 million and there is a dire need of equipping people with the required skills and knowledge to exploit this opportunity. Consultancy firms are doubling their cyber security Training in india workforce predicting the need of the future.


Due to the dearth of trained and experienced professionals, even the high need scenario for Cyber security Training in India professionals is redundant. India has the largest group of engineers; we still lag when it comes to skilled cybersecurity professionals. Companies are willing to pay the premium prices up to lakhs for talented professionals. The top five job roles include:

1. Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer is a designation in almost every company these days. The job description entails ensuring the security of the systems and preventing any threats.
It also covers tasks like maintaining systems, finding out vulnerabilities, and improving automation by maintaining firewalls, routers, and other network tools. Salary in this job role goes up to 8-10LPA.
At CRAW we provide certifications like CompTia Security Plus that can help you get a job as Network Security Professional.

2. Security Architect

A security architect is a person whose role is about designing a network and making a structure for security in the organization. This job role encompasses work like planning, researching, and designing the security tools and strategy to prevent the system from vulnerabilities.
Security architect creates the design based on requirements and then along with the programming team, builds the final structure. Also, the person develops security policies for the organization. The average package of the security architect is up to 15 LPA.
You can pursue this job with the skills and knowledge provided by our CCNA course by CISCO.

3. Cyber Security Training Manager in India

cyber security training in Delhi

This is a managerial position that is responsible for maintaining the security protocols throughout the organization. Since it is a mid-level job, at the beginning one needs to make sure that they know about basic ethical hacking to enter this field. Creating strategies for network-related security and managing a team of IT professionals to ensure a high level of security standards.
The average salary of a cyber security Training in India manager begins at Rs 12 lakhs per annum
One can start with our courses of CEHv1.0 and then move up in the ladder with other courses like ECSA

4. Forensic Computer Analyst

Forensic Computer Analyst works closely with the enforcement teams to compile legal evidence and then prepare a report. The work includes first respondent roles, conducting Preliminary interviews, safekeeping the electronic evidence with complete documentation, Evaluating electronic devices in a crime scene, and finally Conducting audits periodically to prevent future attacks.
People aspiring for a career in this domain should know various programming languages and our course of CHFI will also help in getting a headstart.

5.Penetration Tester

Penetration Tester is responsible for investigating applications, systems and networks for vulnerabilities for ensuring the organization’s security. These individuals conduct physical security assessments, design new tools to penetrate hackers’ systems,s and resolve the gaps in the existing security systems.
Penetration testing is one of the most common jobs these days in the IT domain and very prospective career growth.
CRAW provides ECSA training and certification having in-depth knowledge of Penetration testing coupled with IoT and Machine Learning.
Subsequently, this is the perfect time to enter a job profession of cybersecurity with so many options to pursue and many companies being eager to hire. Cybersecurity is not only a demand these days but a dire need and anyone looking for a prospective career should benefit us it.


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