Cyber Security Expert Mohit Yadav Provides Ethical Hacking Training In Various Levels Like In Schools, Universities, Corporate Levels, Mncs All Over The World. I Started Presenting Cyber Security Guest Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Free Awareness Programs For Colleges And Schools To Make Them Aware About Cyber Security & Computer Forensics.

Corporate Training

With our Corporate Training Services we provide high end Technical Training on Corporate Industry Standards. Corporate Training’s are Specially designed keeping key points with current technology in mind.
New business initiatives and processes have created new attack surfaces, and a corporate security perimeter no longer makes sense. Applications, users, and devices are moving outside, dissolving what was once the trusted enterprise perimeter. Protection is now needed where applications and data, and users and devices, are :
➞ Users, devices, applications, and data are moving outside of the enterprise perimeter and zone of control
➞ New business processes driven by digital transformation increase risk exposure
➞ “Trust but verify” is no longer an option, as targeted, advanced threats are moving inside the corporate perimeter
➞ Traditional perimeters are complex, increase risk, and are no longer compatible with today’s business models

Security Consulting

We understand that cyber and application security is not always your number one priority, but you would still like to be secure. We know that you need to properly understand all the risks you may face so that you can make the best decisions for your specific circumstances. We provide practical, pragmatic cyber and application security advice that allows you to focus on your business and operations, whilst we help you take care of the security details.
Some of the Cyber and Application Security Questions we can help answer for you are:
➤  How do I become more cyber secure for myself, my users, my clients, my partners?
➤  What are the best application security solutions for my individual circumstances?
➤  What do I do if I get hacked or my website or infrastructure is under attack?

Testing Consulting

Our application security testing helps you understand the real-world security risks you face and what should be the way forward to address them. We frequently work with companies, organizations and teams on cyber and application security projects including:
➥ Online Security Baseline Audits
➥ Web Application Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing
➥ Cloud Infrastructure Security Assessments
➥ Mobile Application Security Assessments
➥ Network Infrastructure Security Assessments
➥ Application Source Code Reviews
➥ IOT Internet of Things Pentesting

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