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Mohit Yadav

Hello Everyone! This is Mohit Yadav – Founder, Director, and Lead Ethical Hacking Faculty at CRAW (Cyber Research and Analysis Wing) Security. I have been a supporting hand for various Law Enforcement Agencies like Police, Intelligence Agencies like the Intelligence Bureau (IB), and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).
At Craw Security, I am so proud to boast that we are one of the few institutions in the marketplace that is providing both training and VAPT solutions to various organizations all under one roof. Our students have reached the top positions of some IT organizations like Deloitte, Google, KPMG, IBM, CISCO, etc.
In addition, after years of research, I have created a 1 Year Diploma in Cyber Security Course in Delhi with a theme duly verified with a lot of practice and practical experience. The students are getting a “100% Placement Guarantee” after successfully undergoing this 1 Year Diploma in Cyber Security.
I have also given prime cyber awareness training sessions to various DLSA Judges and Advocates so that they can support their end parts fairly while addressing the case related to cyber security and cyber fraud. Moreover, I have provided hundreds of Online Webinars and Physical Seminars in the most reputed educational institutions in India and overseas in the major and minor countries of the world.
Along with my dedicated and hard-working team of expert professionals, we even accomplished some secret govt. projects like developing some special gadget or machine with special Artificial Intelligence concepts dedicated to accomplishing some special confidential purpose in the interest of the national security and affairs.

As A Media Representative

A renowned Cyber Security Expert and well-connected Cyber Security Panelist featured in several Top-Notch Media houses such as ABP News, Aaj Tak, News Nation, NDTV, CNBC, and many other news channels.

As A Mentor

Come along for a brief session for enriching your Cyber Awareness and know-how that Cyber Crimes are affecting diverse organizations these days. Get info regarding how different law enforcement agencies tackle Cyber Security and Illegal Hacking on daily basis. He recently took part in the “Desh Ke Mentor” program initiated by the Deputy CM of Delhi – Mr. Manish Sisodia of the Hon’ble Delhi Government ambassador by actor and social activist Mr. Sonu Sood in Govt Girls School, Kailash Nagar, Delhi.

As A Spokesperson

Mohit Yadav is an active Cyber Security expert in the field of information security that has provided 1200+ Cyber Security workshops so far to schools, colleges, universities, corporate levels, and taught over 30,000+ young students all around the planet. He is a regular Cyber Security Guest as a Cyber Security Expert cum Speaker at big Universities in India like the following:

Mohit Yadav Ethical Hacker

As An Entrepreneur

Founded in the year 2010 by Mr. Mohit Yadav, CRAW Security (Cyber Research & Analysis Wing) is working fine in the leadership of him as the Director with the USP of one of the few organizations that have clubbed both teaching and varied services related to Cyber Security all under one roof. The institutions at Saket and Laxmi Nagar locations of Craw Security provide authentic key education to students hailing from almost all sections of the society including the financially challenged and deprived ones to uplift each segment of the society with the power of good education.

As An Educator

As a divine gesture, Mr. Yadav is always there to help students in a variety of topics like Cyber Security, Cyber Awareness, Robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. The main focus of such activities is to impart as much knowledge and information about Ethical Hacking and IT security procedures to the enthusiastic students who are keen to make a shinier career in varied domains of Cyber Security.

As a think-tank to introduce Hackmanthan series of webinars

Along with the dedicated information security professionals of Craw Security, Mohit Yadav has introduced a series of Webinars with the name of Hackmanthan that empowers students of various schools, colleges, & universities and even the corporate companies personnel with the crucial knowledge related to cyber security and ethical hacking. With a chief objective to safeguard the citizens of India from any kind of Cyber Threats and spreading Cyber Awareness, Craw Security has conducted more than 800 Cyber Security Awareness Programmes in almost every part of the globe.

As a Trainer and Service Provider to Law Enforcement Agencies

Mohit Yadav has also been an effective and efficient Training partner with numerous Law Enforcement Agencies such as Police, Intelligence Agencies like the Intelligence Bureau (IB), and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He also provides services to these above-mentioned law enforcing agencies including some sorts of Special Operations like Internal Cyber Threat Intelligence and External Cyber Threat Intelligence. He even helps this sensitive info carrying govt. organizations in developing some special gadget or machine with special Artificial Intelligence concepts dedicated to accomplishing some special confidential purpose in the interest of the national security and affairs.

As a Trainer to DLSA Judges and Advocates

He also assists some profiles of Judges and Advocates of DLSA (Delhi State Legal Service Authority) in enhancing their knowledge quotient related to Information Security. He briefs the concerning numerous types of judges and advocates working in different niches and backgrounds with the following set of information as below: • Cyber Hygiene • Cyber Bullying • Cyber Awareness • Financial Frauds He has worked with many organizations as well as Entrepreneurs as a Cyber Security Consultant to support them in establishing their own start-ups with a mantra of…

“Always work for enhancing the best in you!”

Mohit Yadav

As A Entrepreneur

As an Entrepreneur started Craw Cyber Security Pvt Ltd a Leading Information Security Consulting and Training Provider in India, Craw Cyber Security Delhi Provides Best Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Diploma training program in New Delhi, India. As an Entrepreneur, It was very difficult to start with so many competitors on the board but our hard work gave us results we became one of the premium Certification Provider in India.

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