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Cyber Security Expert

Media References - Mohit Yadav (Cyber Security Expert)

Due to an abundance of online banking frauds that have increased with a pace in the name of Reserve Bank of India, Mohit Yadav - a renowned cyber security expert had put some light on the matter in the widely known media channel - News Nation.

Watch a brief introduction about how Google Assitant functions for accomplishing your daily routine chores with so precision by Mohit Yadav - a worldwide famous Cyber Security Expert.

See how the legalities changed for social networking site - Twitter and how it will be responsible for any tweet posted by any individual, or an organization in any context by a worldly renowned cyber security expert - Mohit Yadav.

A small initiative to spread awareness regarding cyber frauds especially related to the Banking sector where a number of people have seen falling prey to these online banking mafias or fraudulent who just want to extract all the money in your bank account.

See how Chinese Hackers are targeting Indian Prime Websites to steal and gather all the sensitive datasets that are stored away from the eyes of common people only to avenge the latest clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers at Galwan Valley.

With the ban of 50+ Chinese Mobile Apps in India, annoyed China is employing its hackers to steal the crucial and sensitive database of numerous banking, payment gateways, mobile wallet applications, and websites. See a brief report from ABP News featuring Mohit Yadav - a renowned cyber security expert worldwide.

A small talk with Mohit Yadav - a renowned Cyber Security Expert in the world regarding the latest cyberattacks that China is planning on launching on Indian main websites through its state-sponsored team of hackers.

Mohit Yadav has also given his prime inputs on TV9 Bharatvasrsh media channel on the 59 Chinese Mobile Applications banning outcome of the Government of India.

A renowned Cybersecurity Expert - Mohit Yadav is putting some light on how the COVID19 Vaccines were sold illegally even on the dark web by various fraudulent to extract more money from the patients’ families.

Observe closely how the daughter of the chief minister of Delhi, who was studying in IIT, falls prey to online Byte 34000 QR Code OLX Fraud. Mohit Yadav - a well-known cyber security expert explains in detail how these cyber-criminals do such activities and obtain big amounts from your linked bank accounts without letting you know.

As the Tiktop Pro malware app is spreading its wings in India at a pace, watch Mohit Yadav talk in the awareness related to this particular malware to aware the common people of heinous outcomes that may come by using this fake application.

Media References - Mohit Yadav (Cyber Security Expert)

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